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New Releases
What the...?

Joey Sellers Solo Trombone - What the...? (circSA083)

Debut solo recording by the eclectic performer and composer. A whimsical, rigorous exploration of small-scale compositions.


Dana Reason Trio - Revealed (circ054)

Features Canadian born pianist Reason with bassist Dominic Duval and drummer John Heward working in seamless harmony with beauty, character, and depth.

Ian Tordella - Magnolia (circ058)

Debut release by Southern California saxophonist Ian Tordella. Adventurous and decidedly modern offering featuring an international cast of up and coming jazz musicians.

Gray Code - Floating Point (circ057)

A dynamic electroacoustic trio that explores timbre, extended instrumental technique, and the ins and outs of acoustic grooves.

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Circumvention is an artist-run independent record label dedicated to releasing cutting-edge improvised and experimental music. By "improvised" and "experimental" we mean a broad field of music making that focuses on discovery and draws from a variety of historically emergent traditions. In some cases, our artists define themselves using common genre-names that have emerged in the world of creative music, including jazz, rock, modern classical music, experimental music, electronica, and so forth. At the same time, all of our artists have crafted musical practices that transcend and problematize these genre-names. Circumvention supports music that is unashamedly hybrid, challenging, and full of surprises. We hope that you will embark on this sonic journey with us!

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