ARC Trio

ARC Trio - Triptych Mirror

The ARC Trio is a creative partnership comprised of Southern California based pianist Rick Helzer, acoustic bassist Justin Grinnell, and percussionist Nathan Hubbard. While the groups compositionally based music is firmly rooted in the jazz tradition, each member of the group easily steps outside their traditional roles, rearranging interaction for a wider range of expression. Helzer's abstract harmonic investigations of the last 25 years form the basis for the group's compositions, while Grinnell and Hubbard's explorations of their instruments often move the music from harmonic ambiguity into pure sound. Group members believe that, beyond training, skills and knowledge, their long standing personal relationships and shared musical values have laid a foundation for continued growth in the group's creative efforts. ARC Trio’s debut CD Triptych Mirror was released fall 2006 on Circumvention Music.