Curtis Glatter/Nathan Hubbard

Curtis Glatter/Nathan Hubbard - Rivulet

Glatter/Hubbard is the collaborative ensemble of composers/percussionists/electronic musicians Curtis Glatter and Nathan Hubbard. The duo began in 2001 when Glatter moved from Detroit Michigan to San Diego California. The main focus of their work involves new music for silent films and the duo has presented a series of concerts and the Circumvention Music CD Rivulet documenting this music. Glatter/Hubbard’s pieces are collaboratively composed, using percussion, sampled material, electronics and voice. They also work in a free improvisation context, both as a duo and in collaborations with percussionists Marcos Fernandes, Nate Atwood and James Burton, woodwind players Ellen Weller and Jason Robinson and turntablist DJ Tenshun. Glatter/Hubbard also works together in larger contexts like the Skeleton Key Percussion Ensemble, Nathan Hubbard Skeleton Key Orchestra, the electronics quartet Troikastra and Glatter’s large improvising collective Ensemble Pacifique. Both Glatter and Hubbard are members of the Trummerflora Collective, a musicians collective dedicated to the support and promotion of experimental improvised music.