Pat O'Keefe/Jason Stanyek/Scott Walton/Glen Whitehead

O'Keefe/Stanyek/Walton/Whitehead - Tunnel

O'Keefe, Stanyek, Walton, Whitehead (Patrick O'Keefe - clarinet, bass clarinet; Jason Stanyek - guitars, koto; Scott Walton - bass, piano; and Glen Whitehead - trumpet, flugelhorn) began working together as a group in 1995. The space they engendered has been predicated upon inclusivity and flexibility. They have been open to using everything that is at their disposal -- they compose as well as improvise; they incorporate a diverse array of influences; they experiment with new tuning systems, new timbral configurations, and new modes of musical interaction; they initiate pieces as individuals; they collaborate. They are constantly searching for new ways of making music together. They have developed a critical rapport that has helped them to form a highly idiosyncratic set of strategies which have, in turn, enabled them to create a succinct, expressive music that is evocative of their multifaceted backgrounds and abilities. O'Keefe/Stanyek/Walton/Whitehead have collaborated in concert performances with George Lewis, Wadada Leo Smith and Vinny Golia. Their first CD, Unbalancing Act, was released in 1998 on Nine Winds.