Sound for the Organization of Society

Sound for the Organization of Society - Poem of the Underground

Sound for the Organization of Society is committed to group equality in composition and improvisation. They are a collective of composers, performers, and improvisers who all contribute to the ensemble's pool of original material. Their music draws from a multitude of musical approaches and languages including contemporary classical music, avant-garde, jazz, various world styles, and American roots music. Although group members come from diverse geographical and stylistic backgrounds, they hold a strong affiliation with the music and culture of New Orleans, where they coalesced as a group. Underlying their abstract, postmodern, and experimental leanings is a sentiment towards rhythm, syncopation and a celebration of life in all its multitudinous forms. After Hurricane Katrina, the members of Sound for the Organization of Society were widely dispersed and the ensemble now has a strong affiliation to the West Coast, where most of its members momentarily reside.

Ingo Deul and Mark DiFlorio (drums, percussion), Phelan Gallagher (alto sax), Tom Garcia (tenor and soprano sax, saxello, flute, didgeridoo), Eric Klerks (acoustic and electric bass), Chris Mosley (electric and fretless guitars), Andrew Oliver (piano, cello, harmonium, fender rhodes), Sarah Phillips (fender rhodes, piano, harmonium), Mary-Sue Tobin (soprano sax, alto sax, clarinet, flute), Colin Williams (voice)

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