Nathan Hubbard - Born on Tuesday
(circ SA081)
Personnel: Nathan Hubbard (percussion and live electronics)
Contents: In the Year of the Dragon, Born on Tuesday, 12 + 4 - Voice in the Machine II, Enabler, Turn the Tide of the Tale (For Paul Lytton), Voice in the Machine (For Harold Hubbard), Student Studies (For Danlee Mitchell), 5/25 - Sleepwalking Thru Childhood, The Gift, Azxunga Su Ndi Tsitsi, Gate 6

This inaugural release on the "Stand Alone Series" finds the San Diego-based percussionist displaying the diverse aspects of his approach to solo performance and improvisation.

Born On Tuesday is percussionist Nathan Hubbard’s debut solo album.  The recording is a varied look into Hubbard’s interests and excitements throughout the last few years. Throughout this time, Hubbard completed a challenging “12-step program” – 12 solo concerts in 12 months – in which he explored wide-ranging possibilities for percussion, electronics and drumset. This recording captures many of the different settings, varied responses, outcomes and changing notions of place and time inherent in the concert series. The works are primarily improvisations, with the titles derived from life experiences, suggesting that music and improvisation are intimately connected to living.

Hubbard’s primary instrument is the drum set, usually augmented with various percussion and found objects. In conjuction with this, Hubbard uses several homemade instruments, most notebly his "frames", metal instruments strung with various object and amplified, as well as digital and analog processors, samplers, drum machines and other sound modifying devices.  This extended sound language and use of electronics for new timbres is also utilized in the studio by employing extended miking techniques, pre and post processing, overdubbing signal degredation and many other possibilities.

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Alarming intricate larceny in the hands of a master.
- KFJC, Los Altos Hills CA

Using an arsenal of live electronic processing and expanding his drum kit to include its framework and whatever junk is on hand he makes music that is multi-hued....from tranquil bells and chimes to a cacophony of clattering that'll have you checking your hot water pipes for an army of drumstick wielding rodents.
-Exclaim! (Canada)
release date: 2003