Gustavo Aguilar Get Libre Collective - Destinations
(circ 040)
Personnel: Gustavo Aguilar (sabor drum kit, sounds), Todd Sickafoose (bass), Eric Crystal (saxophones, flax, melodica), Chris Garcia (udu, tabla), Robert Reigle (tenor saxophone)
Contents: Different Paths, Same Destination, Legends, Along the Red Lines, N-6 Transit Visa, Concepts in Travel Comfort, Box the Compass (Song for John)

The debut release of Gustavo Aguilar’s Get Libre Group brings together prominent creative voices in improvised music from Northern and Southern California. Destinations explores a variety of compositions designed to highlight improvisation. Their preservation exists neither on paper, nor even on the recording itself, but within the space, place, and time of their realizations. These compositions are a study in organic awareness in the sense that the trail they leave in their wake gives musical form to the resonance between order and disorder.

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PURCHASE excellent set of exciting improvisational jazz with much to challenge the adventurous listener...
-Jerry Kranitz, Aural Innovations
release date:2003
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