Hans Fjellestad/Peter Kowald/Dana Reason/Jason Robinson - Dual Resonance
(circ 037)
Personnel: Hans Fjellestad (piano and synthesizer), Dana Reason (piano), Peter Kowald (contrabass), Jason Robinson (tenor saxophone and electronics)
Contents: Dual Resonance I, Axial Current, Viscous Matter, Dark Matter , String Theory, Dual Resonance II, Discursive Matter, Torus Knot, Balanced State, Manifold Runners, Circulatory Stasis, Tomorrow's Question, Free Anomaly, Dual Resonance III, Glass Agitprop, Cylindrical Matrix, Lunar Cycle, Dual-energy X-ray

Dual Resonance finds Fjellestad, Reason, and Robinson in a variety of duets, trios, and quartets with the influential German bassist Peter Kowald. Half of the album was recorded in 2000 while Kowald was on tour in the United States; the other half was recorded on January 1, 2003, after Kowald's unexpected and sudden passing. Because of this double nature, Dual Resonance is a "living tribute" of sorts, documenting both Kowald's time in San Diego while on tour, as well as his enduring influence in improvised music in California. The sonic textures contained on the album range from densely packed acoustic environments, to heavy electronic-laden sounds. The music is informed by a wide variety of influences, including jazz and African-American improvisation, European improvisation, new music, and electronica.

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release date:2003
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