Nathan Hubbard - (compositions 1998-2005)
(circ CS121)
Personnel: Christopher Adler - Ward Baxter - Greg Buhlert - Jarrod Chilton - Kelley Coker - Ty Constant - Jay Easton - Brian Eisenberg - Lee Elderton - Darren Evans - Marcos Fernandes - John Freeman - Jon Garner - Curtis Glatter - Justin Grinnell - Christopher Harrison - Damon Holzborn - Angela House - Nathan Hubbard - Brandon Jagow - Don Nichols - Gascia Ouzounian - Alex Panos - Leah Panos - Sam Rabourn - Orion Rapp - J.P. Reed - Jason Robinson - Stephanie Robinson - Al Scholl - Gabriel Sundy - Jon Szanto - Isaac Tubb - Steve Vertigan - Scott Walton - Ellen Weller - Molly Wilmot

Contents: Disc 1: 1. Structure I (7:51) 2. Discrepancy In Flow II (for John Cage) (4:00) 3. departing landscapes (holding on desperately to memories i'll never keep) (3:59) 4. In The Year Of The Lion (for Wadada Leo Smith) (9:07) 5. Structure II (7:15) 6. a secret no one knows I (8:22) 7. for DPH (14:42) 8. Shards Of Memory (for Morton Feldman) (8:06); Disc 2: 1. departing landscapes (holding on desperately to memories i'll never keep) (4:01) 2. Spectrum/Zeitgeist II (7:36) 3. Song Cycle I (5:18) 4. Resonance (9:32) 5. Painting On Glass (for Oscar Fischinger) (30:21) 6. sundials II (6:03)

Over four years in the making, (compositions 1998-2005) is a collection of notated works showcasing a variety of ensembles and performers. Hubbard utilizes a wide array of notational possibilities to bring together acoustic instruments, voice, amplified instruments, sampled material, electronic processors and tape to create a unified sound world for each piece. This recording differs greatly from Hubbard’s previous solo or group recordings in the fact that each piece functions as its own entity. With pieces ranging from solo realizations to large groups of 16 and more, it is hard to categorize these pieces. However, it is easier to discuss Hubbard’s general approach - even the simplist pieces show a multi-layer investigation of line, harmony and melody. One also hears Hubbard’s acute sense of color and balance, as well as the importance of pacing and flow to his work. A collection of works shooting in all directions but always leading home.

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...ultimately every sound - whether ugly, prosaic or beautiful - acquires a talismanic force through repetition and accumulation.
-Signal To Noise

Important listening.
-Aiding and Abetting

release date: 2005