Cross Border Trio - New Directions
(circ 046)
Personnel: Jason Robinson (tenor saxophone), Rob Thorsen (bass), Paquito Villa (drums)
Contents: Hell in Hat Yai (Robinson), No More Net (D. Taba), Shorter then Miles (Robinson), 17th and Capp (Robinson), Camarillo's Daughter (D. Taba), Disarray (Thorsen), Sad Guy (Thorsen), Think of Juan (D. Taba), Conclusion/Beginning (A. Cox), Red Light (Thorsen)

New Directions, the debut release of the Cross Border Trio, captures the eclectic transnational group exploring a broad field of acoustic jazz and improvised music. Mexican drummer Paquito Villa and California bassist Rob Thorsen and saxophonist Jason Robinson draw upon their diverse musical and social backgrounds to fashion a unique approach to the saxophone/bass/drums trio. New Directions captures the groupís repertoire after extensive performances in Mexico and the United States. The album features original compositions of Robinson, Thorsen, and others, serving as vehicles for solo and collective improvisation. The music has a natural flexibility that extends beyond traditional ideas about jazz form, frequently exchanging pre-determined structures for open-ended improvisation. This flexibility embodies the dynamic cultural and social improvisations of the borderlands of Mexico and the United States. As a transnational group, the Cross Border Trio seeks to capture the intense energy of the border region by developing a modern musical language.

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A formidable release.
-Andy Hamilton, The Wire

Robinson leads the charge, his tenor the beacon for the rhythm section. He has a raw energy; he's a big brawny player who nevertheless can go all soft and gentle, and swing as well, bringing a welcome balance to the music... a fine debut.
-All About Jazz

Das Cross Border Trio liebt den feinen, zarten Klang der Instrumente, den es nur hier und dort, auf Grund erhöhten Ausbruchs leidenschaftlicher Emotionen überschreitet. Augen zu und Ohren auf!
-Volkmar Mantei, Ragazzi


release date:2007
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