Sound for the Organization of Society - Poem of the Underground
Sound for the Organization of Society
Poem of the Underground
(circ 055)
Personnel: Ingo Deul and Mark DiFlorio (drums, percussion), Phelan Gallagher (alto sax), Tom Garcia (tenor and soprano sax, saxello, flute), Eric Klerks (acoustic and electric bass), Chris Mosley (electric and fretless guitars), Andrew Oliver (piano, cello, harmonium, fender rhodes), Sarah Phillips (fender rhodes, piano, harmonium), Mary-Sue Tobin (soprano sax, alto sax, clarinet, flute), Colin Williams (voice)

Contents: Poem of the Underground, Seventeen, Darrell's Ellipse, Research of an Aesthetic, Constanence, Thirty Six, Ode to 89, Sketch Series #3, The Law of Motion, Madness, Ten, The Home To Which I've Never Been

Making their debut on Circumvention Music, Poem of the Underground is the second release by the eclectic creative music ensemble Sound for the Organization of Society. It captures the group’s trademark chaotic, adventurous sound—a postmodern fusion drawn from the group’s wide musical interests and uncompromising collective vision. At times reminiscent of Sun Ra, the Art Ensemble of Chicago, and ECM recordings, as well as drunken blues bands, Indonesian Gamelan, 21st century Bach, and Lao Tsu, Poem of the Underground reflects the vitality of New Orleans and the continued historical importance of the Crescent City.

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"Sound for the Organization of Society are an intriguing social/musical aggregation and their music is engaging and thoroughly listenable." - Glen Hall, Exclaim!

"just as the group is more important than the soloist, so the song structure override the experimentation. The enthusiasm of the playing is a strong point of SFOS. Another strength is the ability to write melodies with a twist that remain catchy despite their complexity. "
-Mischa Andriessen,Jazzmozaïek

"Poem of the Underground ... confirms that which we had already caught a glimpse of with their debut India and Africa, an explosive blend of rhythms and melodies from Mother Africa, scales and oriental chants and furious improvisations. [...] Poem of the Underground is the New Orleans of the new millennium, two drums, two keyboards, three saxophones, guitar, bass and vocals that have fun with a world of disorienting the listener [...] but when the needle of the compass stabilizes and faces north, one finds it difficult to escape from the fascination and magic of this music, it was almost as though I were hypnotized like a good voodoo service." - All About Jazz Italia
release date: February 2009
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