David Borgo - Reverence for Uncertainty
(circ 042)
Personnel: David Borgo (sop, alto and ten sax, pennywhistle, chalumeau, and chromatic low whistle), Nathan Hubbard (perc), Jason Robinson (ten sax), Bertram Turetzky (bass), Andy Connell (sop sax), Robert Reigle (ten sax), George Lewis (trom), Rick Helzer (pn), Gustavo Aguilar (perc), Anthony Davis (pn)
Contents: Sum-Thing from No-thing, On The Five , Sync, Oddity, Tenochtitlan, In the Land of In-Between, Conversations with the Not-Self, Miko, Swarm, Cosmology, Reverence for Uncertainty, Rivers of Consciousness, Beantown Bounce

Saxophonist David Borgo's second album for Circumvention, Reverence for Uncertainty celebrates the intimate and unexpected qualities of collective improvisation. In settings ranging from duo to quintet, David joins forces with a host of celebrated improvisers, including: trombonist George Lewis, pianist Anthony Davis, bassist Bertram Turetzky, saxophonists Robert Reigle, Andy Connell, and Jason Robinson, and percussion wizards Nathan Hubbard and Gustavo Aguilar. And the music moves freely between moments of introspection and delicate interplay to intense exploration and cathartic abandon.

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Saxophonist David Borgo constantly varies the instrumentation during his 13 originals on this CD... alternat[ing] his style a bit depending on the situation, ranging from quite free ("Sync") to melodic, while always being explorative. Well-worth checking out.
- Scott Yanow, All Music Guide (4 stars out of 5)

No doubt about the degree of "reverence" that David holds for things not certain... his reeds go in many directions, none (in the least) predictable... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for anyone who wants to experience the unknown.
-Rotcod Zzaj, Improvijazzation (issue #69)

release date:2004
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