Curtis Glatter/Nathan Hubbard - Rilulet
(circ 043)
Personnel: Curtis Glatter and Nathan Hubbard
Contents: vampyr (27:39), mobile:alabaster (24:28), meikyu (19:25)

Rivulet is an accumulation of Glatter/Hubbard's collaborative efforts in composition and improvisation for percussion duo. The pieces on Rivulet use percussion and electronics to create a soundworld inspired by the works of filmmakers Jean Cocteau, Carl Dreyer and others. The pieces seek to find new answers to questions of how sound and image relate. While the pieces are not "soundtracks", often the structural outlines and modes of interaction come from the filmmakers' works and aesthetics. In Vampyr, the performers' interaction with each other and their shifting background forms the momentum for the pieces. Mobile: Alabaster uses overlapping textures as a recompositional tool to give the piece graduated forms of expectancy. Meikyu makes use of cutup techniques, where the form (plot) is presented in different orders - giving the options for different views of the same story.

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A shocking workout in the art of extremes, bouncing to and fro between trashy two-men bashing and supernaturally quiet episodes of whispers and atmospheres....musicianship and composition skills shine as the piece builds bridges between free improvisation, musique concrète and chamber music.
-All Music Guide

The surprise and tension of the work is...incredibly and even at the "softer" moments not without strength. Grand art-music for those interested in extravagant sounds.
-Ragazzi (Germany)

release date:2005