Cosmologic - Syntaxis
(circ 035)
Personnel: Jason Robinson (tenor saxophone, flute, electronics), Michael Dessen (trombone, percussion), Scott Walton (bass), Nathan Hubbard (percussion)
Contents: Restless Years, Mr. Hubbard's Shock Installation , Artichoke Clock, Birdrock Dub, A Secret No One Knows II, Metal Tears, Circle Syntax, Axis, Ten Directions

Cosmologic captures a raw, energy-laden sound on their second live release. Syntaxis demonstrates a strong connection to the "free" jazz of the 1960s, but with a decidedly modern resonance - new compositions stretch the possibilities of the horns/bass/drums group, and the inclusion of live electronics widens traditional sonic boundaries. A strong emphasis on improvisation is mediated by sinewy grooves.

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The music crosses chronological time zones, showing total understanding of the history of free playing...Cosmologic is a together band with many inventive cards up its sleeve. It presents music of burly consistency without sacrificing sensitivity.
-Cadence Magazine, Frank Rubilino

Forget commercial labeling, this is real contemporary jazz.
-Jazz Weekly, Ken Waxman

Wildly spontaneous... Fascinating...
-Los Angeles Times, Don Heckman

release date: 2002
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