Crepuscule Trio - Unveil
(circ 056)
Personnel: Alan Cook (drums/percussion), Ken Kawamura (saxophone), Anthony Shadduck (contrabass)

Contents: Dunt, Vajra, Nancy’s Dance, Trancemigration, Ents, Freak Seen, Wisdom of Insecurity, Kill Yr Idylls, Drumbells, Still Hypocrites

Unveil is the result of a three year collaboration by the members of the Crepuscule Trio, saxophonist Ken Kawamura, contrabassist Anthony Shadduck, and drummer/percussionist Alan Cook. This recording marks the group's first full-length recording, as well as their debut on Circumvention Music. Inspired by a wide range of music including, but not limited to, jazz, avantgarde, modern classical music, experimental rock, indigenous world music, and creative spontaneous improvisation, Crepuscule Trio presents ten original pieces with compositional elements as varied as their influences. Each composition features both group and individual improvisational approaches which the trio has developed over their long association. Music made in the moment, but informed by years of study and experience, lies at the heart of the Crepuscule Trio’s first major release.

"...the Crepuscule Trio represents the most fundamental and vital aspects and values of what came to be termed “free jazz” music-making.... Loose, intense, subtle, and swinging, the Crepuscule Trio reminds one that free improvisation stemming from the jazz tradition is a fully relevant form of musical expression." -Alex Cline

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"Teetering on the edge between composition and improvisation, the Crepuscule Trio spins some fascinating tales. Not traditional jazz and not exactly avant garde. Just really damned good."
-Jon Worley, Aiding & Abetting

"[I]ntense musicians whose ideas are expressed in abstract silence and reach remarkable results... Must be felt and experienced."
-Volkmar Mantei, Ragazzi
release date: September 2009
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